A fun, non-competitive program for students K-3 (ages 6-9) that introduces concepts of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) around an annual theme. Teams research the current Challenge theme, design and build a LEGO model with both a simple machine and a motorized part, and display their work on a Show Me poster. As in all FIRST programs, the Core Values of teamwork, discovery, and having fun are included in the experience of the team.


All volunteers are pre-scheduled through the High Tech Kids
Volunteer Coordinator. We are not able to accommodate volunteers who arrive at tournaments without prior communication with us.

Individuals must have transportation to the tournament and be committed to their volunteer role for the entirety of the shift.

Shift times are listed below each volunteer position.

*Funny hats are highly encouraged, but optional!


Individuals must be at least 18 years old and
have graduated high school to serve as a judge or referee.


Individuals must be in grades 9-12 to apply to volunteer with High Tech Kids,
we are unable to accommodate request for younger students to volunteer due to liability.

circuit sisters

As a Reviewer you will come to an Expo and work as a pair of Reviewers to interview up to 4 teams in 15 minute windows. Teams have prepared a moving model and a Show Me poster to explain the research they’ve done. After the interviews all of the Reviewers work together to distribute awards to all of the teams.

Volunteer Requirements: Age 16 or older,

Teams have unscheduled time at the Expo and Team Activities Leaders help to provide structured and fun activities for them. High Tech Kids will provide activities including coloring, a robot activity, and more. Additional activity ideas welcome! This is a great opportunity for an experienced FLL or FTC team looking for outreach activities.

Volunteer Requirements:Age 12 or older

Tough_Cookies_FTC State 2018

When Expos take place at an FLL event teams have the opportunity to see what is expected of them at the next level of competition. We are always looking for teams and individuals who already have an extensive knowledge of FLL to help as Team Escorts to lead FLL Jr teams through what they can expect from judging, performance, and preparation before the event.

Volunteer Requirements: Age 12 or older

circuit sisters

Robot teams based volunteering….