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League play is focused on the iterative design process and promotes informal rapid iteration between competitions.

Teams are placed in Leagues that are geographically close to one another.

  • League Org Chart
  • Leagues are comprised of 8-12 teams.
  • Leagues will play in 3 meets with 5 matches per meet.
  • Teams earn ranking and qualification points (RP & QP) at each League Meet.
  • The top 10 QP and corresponding RP earned will determine the teams starting QP and RP at the League Qualifier.
  • The League Qualifier will include 24 teams and is structured as a traditional qualifier.
  • League teams may NOT participate in traditional Qualifiers and non-League teams may NOT participate in League Qualifiers.
  • Begins the week of October 15 and ends the week of December 15 or two weeks before the League Qualifier (whichever comes first).
  • Meets are generally scheduled 2-3 weeks apart to allow for the iterative design process.
  • Meets of 12 teams should take no longer than 3.5-4 hours and can be held after school. A gymnasium is not reequired, a cafeteria would have enough space to hold 12 pits and one full field.
  • The venue for the League Qualifier must be provided by one of the League teams.
  • $300 per team
  • Includes three meets and one League Qualifier.
  • Does not include the MN State Championship fee, fees associated with North Super Regional or World Championship.
  • Each League will need a League Coordinator
    • This person will work collaboratively with teams in their league to set the schedule, reserve school space and identify/recruit meet volunteers.
  • Each Meet will need the following volunteers: Scorekeeper, FTA, Inspector, Referees.
    • These individuals may be mentors or parents of participants. Training for these roles will be available.
  • High Tech Kids will assign a Head Referee to work with each League.
  • Provided by High Tech Kids
    • A full set of Game Elements
      • Shared between two League and returned to HTK for use at the League Qualifier and State Championship.
    • “Meet in a Box”
      • Referee shirts, score sheets, gaffers tape, batteries (if needed), drivers/coaches badges, flash drive, extra game pieces.
  • Provided by each League
    • Laptops, Timer display, Field Perimeter (AndyMark or VEX), Grey Field Tiles.

Teams wishing to participate in Leagues for the 2018-19 FTC season are asked to commit by July 15, 2018 so that we may better plan the season.

Enrollment for the 2018-19 season is closed

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