A MN FLL team was asked:  “How has High Tech Kids affected your life?” 

The answers from these seven young people are both inspiring and humbling.


“They made me want to become an engineer. Now, because of them, I dream of going to MIT someday. I learned I can do what I love as a career!”  ~ John

“My math skills have improved greatly since I started with the FLL program. High Tech Kids’ involvement has contributed to my newfound math skills. My grades are so much better now!”  ~ Gracie

“High Tech Kids has opened my eyes to so many different career opportunities. I didn’t really think about all the different careers before. Now I know of so many different, fun careers that I could go into someday!”  ~ Charlie

“High Tech Kids has helped me learn how to deal with stressful situations calmly. Also, my public speaking skills have gotten so much better because of them.”  ~ Katie

“High Tech Kids made us reach out to our community. When they reached back to us and gave us their support and kindness, it really showed me how amazing our community is. Thanks to High Tech Kids, I can see that I am really lucky to be able to have my community’s support.”  ~ Grant

“High Tech Kids has forced me to grow in all areas of FLL. In the first year, I didn’t know as much but now I can see the significance of all the areas of FLL in the real world. It’s cool to see all of the things we do in LEGO League meetings happening in the real world.”  ~ Nick


“Through High Tech Kids, my self esteem has grown. I was really shy the first few years but now I am not as shy and High Tech Kids is what helped me get to this point.” ~ Akash