Tournament Directors

 MN FLL Tournament Directors


Tournament Site Requirements (32-team tournament)

  • Gym or area large enough for 2 double performance tables, computers and spectators
  • Pit area large enough for 32 teams and practice tables, can be the hallways or another gym.
  • Concessions area, where teams can eat lunch.
  • Morning Registration/Merchandise area, usually near the front entrance.
  • Officials Room, large enough for judges and refs to eat in and close enough to the action
  • 6 Judging classrooms/areas: 2 technical/design, 2 research, 2 core values
  • Acess to pit tables for each of your teams, plus a minimum of 2 chairs each. In addtion you will need tables/chairs for morning check-in, computers, judging check-in, etc.
  • Adequate parking
  • Electrical requirements for pit and performance areas
  • Access to needed AV equipment: screens, projectors, sound equipment, timer, etc.


Tournament Director General Checklist

2-3 months before

  • Identify date for your tournament.
  • Verify that site meets requirements (above) 
  • Determine with High Tech Kids who will be pulling the permit for your tournament site. Sometimes it is better for you to and sometimes it is better for us to.
  • Pull permit!
  • Determine if you need to use our performance HTK LEGO tables. (We have enough LEGO tables for 3 tournaments on the same day).

6 weeks before
  • Confirm which rooms/areas you will be using for pit area, concessions, judging rooms, and registration
  •  Identify site contacts for day of tournament
  •  Identify custodian for day of tournament (your new best friend, please feed them and keep them happy)
  •  Identify what group will be selling concessions to teams at the site.  Schools and high school robotics teams are often happy to do this as a fundraiser for their various clubs and activities. Contact High Tech Kids if you need help with identifying a group.
  • Order adequate tables and chairs from district/school
  • Secure needed AV equipment. High Tech Kids has cameras (if needed) and projectors.
  • Attend High Tech Kids Tournament Director meeting and pick up supplies
4 weeks before
  • Identify volunteers to help set up the tournament on the day before. You will need volunteers to help set up the gym, judging rooms, check-in stations, registration, building signage and label judging sheets.
  •  Identify volunteers to help with music (DJ)
  •  Identify volunteers to tear down the tournament, clean up and reset site back to how it was prior to the tournament.
  • Notify the school district’s communications staff regarding media release approval and coverage of the event.
  • Make sure the site is still reserved – don’t assume anything!
2 weeks before
  • Contact all teams with basic information about the tournament (where, when, etc.).
  • Prepare a site map with locations, and a blank list of where volunteers are needed.
1 week before
  • Order lunch for Volunteers (20)
  • Arrange for custodial staff before and after the event. Find out exactly who will be there with keys/access. Access to walkie talkies?
  •  E-mail teams with their schedule and all relevant logistical information, including directions, parking information, food services available, etc.
  • Print forms
Day before tournament
  • Provide change money for merchandise sales.
  • Set-up tournament
  • Test outlets, radio, audio in performance area, and scoreboard if you are using it.
  • E-mail teams
Day of tournament
  • In the morning have juice, water, coffee, donuts or other morning snacks, enough for 20 volunteers.  (See if the concession group will provide coffee for the judges.)
  • Check to see if things are running smoothly and answer questions.
  • Provide lunch and beverages for Judges and Referees (20).

After tournament:
  • Rest
  • Send email thanking teams


There are three types of volunteers for a tournament: HTK trained Refs, Judges and Computer Support, general volunteers you secure, volunteer parents from the attending teams.

Volunteers HTK secures
We are always looking to increase our volunteer pool - you have anyone that would be interested, have them sign up here

  • Head Judge: oversees all the judges and referees, runs award ceremony
  • Head Referee: oversees all the referees and makes final calls
  • Computer Support 
  • 6 Trained Judges
  • 4 Trained Referees
  • Possible HTK staff

Volunteers you secure

  • Friday night set-up crew (use high school volunteer groups and offer volunteer hours). You will need a group to set-up the gym, judging rooms, check-in stations, registration, building signage and label judging sheets.
  • Registration, you will need 2 people to greet teams and check them in starting at 7:30am.  (this should be a person familiar with the tournament day and site)
  • DJ for the performance area
  • Clean-up crew  (use high school volunteer groups and offer volunteer hours). You will need a group Saturday or Sunday after the tournament to tear down and clean up.

 Volunteers you secure but can use attending team parents

  • Merchandise/Front Desk 
  • Timer
  • Data Entry
  • Judging Check-in Stations
  • Table Re-setters (some years this is not necessary)


Helpful links and documents

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