MN FIRST Tech Challenge (grades 7-12)


What is FIRST® Tech Challenge…

FIRST® Tech Challenge in MN (MN FTC) is part of an international robotics program that includes more than 5000 teams globally.  

Teams of up to fifteen students collaborate to build and program a robot that competes on a 12’ by 12’ field. The challenge is new each year and is designed to challenge students to think critically and expand their knowledge of the engineering process.


What a team does.....
The yearly FTC challenge is released in September. Teams may attend a free kickoff event that includes breakout sessions and a live game reveal. Teams typically meet two to three times per week, designing, building and programming their robot. Teams do not have a restrictive build season. 

The engineering notebook is a key aspect of FTC with many awards attached to this document. It is a tool for teams to record their robot design iterations, programming changes, community outreach, team brainstorming sessions, and team meetings.

Teams also participate in community outreach and connect with their engineering community.  Outreach occurs in many ways, from starting other FIRST teams to demoing at the local library to volunteering in a school to demoing at a local company and an infinite number of other possibilities.

Minnesota teams currently have two options for competition - Leagues or Qualifiers. Teams opting into leagues participate in 3 local meets and one qualifier. Meets may start as early as mid October and continue until two weeks before their League Qualifier (generally in January). Teams opting to participate in Qualifier only play will be able to choose up to two events from November through January.

This team-based, hands-on, competitive robotics program provides challenging and exciting learning opportunities for young people. It develops teamwork and leadership skills and promotes excitement in science and technology.  Visit the FIRST website for more program details.


High Tech Kids, in partnership with FIRST®, brings FIRST® Tech Challenge to Minnesota.
Due to our partnership with FIRST, we are unable to place students on teams.