FLL EV3 Programming Workshops

touch & light sensors  • loops • line following • myblocks 

High Tech Kids is excited to offer EV3 Programming Workshops.  All workshops will be lead by an experienced FLL Coach, Programming Judge and Certified EV3 Trainer.  In this hands-on, interactive class students will learn techniques tips and tricks that make programming the robot easier and more dynamic.

We will be adding workshop locations and dates as they become available. Some workshops will be Adult only and others will be offered for Student & Adults.  Keep checking back and watch our Facebook page for updates.

Pre-registration is required.  Workshop fee is $50.
Be sure to prepare the workshop homework!

Please note that we will add classes as time permits and if needed.

Interactive Programming Workshop Homework ~ Be prepared to spend a little time before the workshop so that we can make the most of our time together! Please bring the following:

  • A laptop with the EV3 software loaded - be sure you have the latest software version (Version 1.2.3 or higher - 1.41 is latest version). Updating software may take more than 30 minutes.
  • A fully charged, pre-built robot. Please build the Basic/Educator Vehicle EV3 Robot.  This robot may take 40-60 minutes to build including the sensor attachments and the third motor assembly. 
  • Update Firmware on the EV3 brick (Version 1.10). **Be sure to update your software on your laptop BEFORE updating your EV3 Firmware.
  • USB download cord for EV3 Robot
  • Extension Cord
QUESTIONS? Contact Jeannie at jeannie@hightechkids.org